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5 Tips That Will Prepare You For Your Next Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal or PA is a review process by which an employee’s performance is evaluated for the entire year or duration(s) mentioned otherwise. And, if you think that you should get a good appraisal, then you should actively prepare yourself for that. This implies that even if your company has criteria of self-evaluation, you cannot stay passive and just rec .....

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How to Crack HR Round Interview for Freshers

You must have seen many people making through the technical rounds but getting rejected in the HR round? Have you wondered why?

It is a common misconception that HR round is a mere formality to hand over the offer letter. It is, however, true in very few companies. In today’s competitive scenario, this thought does not align with most recruiters.


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6 Signs That It May Be Time to Fire an Employee

Firing an employee can be a very difficult decision for an employer or manager to face. Getting fired is one of the most stressful things that can happen in a person’s life, so catalyzing this event can weigh on a person’s conscience. However, firing can sometimes be necessary to maintain the health of an organization and the satisfaction of its workers.


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4 Tips That Can Help You Hire the Right People

Recruiting, onboarding, and training are costly endeavors that must be undertaken in order to craft a winning team. There is nothing worse than going through the whole process of hiring a new employee, only to find out that you made a poor hiring decision when the employee fails to meet expectations or quits shortly after onboarding. Taking the following tips into conside .....

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How can HR become more commercial?

1. Become an enabler not a blocker

In a recent opinion piece in HR Magazine, Penny Whitelock points out that HR (fairly or unfairly) has developed a reputation for acting as barrier, rather than a supporter, to commercial agility. While there are, of course, many examples of practitioners who are working closely with managers to develop new and innovative worki .....

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How HR can cut through ambiguity and make progress

HR is often a frustrating place to be these days. New initiatives that would take the business forward get stalled because another reorganisation is on the cards and no-one is quite sure what’s happening.

Technology that would help people work more efficiently doesn’t get signed off because budgets are tight and future business needs are uncertain. .....

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How to manage difficult employees

No recruitment strategy, however robust, is absolutely foolproof.

There is always a risk that a member of staff could become very difficult to manage.

Perhaps what seemed to be an impressive trait during the interview stage has proven to be negative as the months have gone by?

Maybe an experience in your employee’s personal life has .....

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Tips for Managing HR Vendors

Companies of every size must rely on vendors for HR supplies, software, training supplies, and needs like insurance and banking. After the perfect vendors have been found, it’s important to build and maintain relationships with the vendors but prepare for eventualities like the vendor going out of business. The following are a few tips that can help you optimize you .....

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Tips for Successful HR Goal Setting

Arguably the most important function that human resources departments provide for an organization is formulating goals and then developing appropriate strategies that drive the organization towards achieving those goals. While formulating goals is a necessary function of every HR department, the process of setting goals is not always easy or successful. The following are .....

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What is HR’s role? And how can they gain influence?

At the recent CIPD conference, Chief Executive Peter Cheese issued a rallying call to the profession. In a complex and changing world of work, HR practitioners, he said, needed to focus their efforts on “creating a future that’s good for people.”

His advice was that rather than being paralysed by uncertainty, HR needs to concentrate on the thi .....

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